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Working with the seller


When selling your home, your highest priority should be to find a knowledgeable agent that can work on your behalf. This will facilitate doing the paperwork and dealing with emotional issues involved in a Real Estate transaction.


As your agent:


l) My first objective is to build a good business relationship with you since the outcome of the transaction depends on it.


2) I will provide you with a computerized market analysis of the area and will keep you updated on market conditions on an ongoing basis.


3) After a careful market analysis, we should be able to price your home realistically in order to bring a quick sale. Another option would be to price your home slightly over the market value and negotiate it at the time an offer is received.


4) I will promote the listing in periodical meetings with associates to let them know about your house.


5) I will recommend that you sign an exclusive contract listing which will later on be automatically transferred to the MLS since this approach will attract more potential buyers.


6) I will prepare color pictures of the property that will be transmitted immediately to many Real Estate agencies to be utilized in flyers, emails, social media and newspapers.


7) Our company web site will be able to show the property 24/7.


8) I will organize open houses, as needed, with agreement from the owner /tenant.

Working with the buyer


While it is possible to find a home on your own, the assistance of a Real Estate Agent can be a real benefit to you, not only to draw on their experience and knowledge, but also to provide access to home listings and market information.


As your agent:


When you are ready to take action, I can help you to get throughout the purchasing process. These processes represent many people working together across different roles. Working with me does not cost you any money. I will receive a portion of the selling agent's commissions.


1) I will explain the importance of the buyer agency and the benefits to work with only one, but experienced full time and dedicated Real Estate Agent.


2) I recommend you obtain a mortgage pre-qualification from your bank or a mortgage broker (if needed) in order to, realistically, look for a place you can afford and to show the potential seller the seriousness of your offer.


3) I will provide with the best market conditions available and I will help you choose a trusted home inspector.


4) I will assist you with your offer to purchase and its presentation to the seller.


5) During the closing I will assist you with details involved in closing the sale and moving (movers, cleaners, various sub-trades such as painters, contractors, etc.)


Consider me to be your Real Estate Agent for your buying or selling property. I love my job and your satisfaction represents my career success.

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