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Legal Notice

All material found on this website has been published for the sole purpose of providing information on the real estate market to any visitor of the page, without implying any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness data that are published; and under no circumstances the material, figures, data and photographs included, this website is an offer to the public to carry out any legal acts to real estate. Any activity that generally is done with real estate within the United States of America, it should always be performed through authorized channels and / or bodies of judicial review competent if applicable. 
In other countries activities are carried out through the respective authorized persons or institutions. For the above stated, any interested party who access this site expressly agree that any information found therein and errors or omissions incurred may not be used as the basis for any claim or demand or cause of action of any nature against this site their staff dependent or related persons or employees. 
Similarly, information or any opinion that somehow manifest themselves on the site not in any way constitute an offer in any form or any invitation to perform business operations, nor should it serve as basis for investment decisions of any kind, which it should be provided by authorized persons and through formal channels. In relation to employees or persons mentioned in this website, its performance or mention does not imply under any circumstances to perform any type of activity for which authorization issued by competent authority limited its action to the activities required that the law does not prohibit. 
This site is to advertise companies that work in design, construction, decoration of houses and those interested in receiving consultation for home improvements.
Maria Medici Real Estate Sales does not have any responsibility for claims, actions, causes of action, costs, expenses and demands of any nature for the work that these companies carry out wherever it occurs, whatever its cause and that derive from or in connection with the work carried out by these companies.
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